To promote the competitiveness of Alentejo Natural Products through the development and promotion of a programme to support this sector’s internationalisation, as a sustainable initiative focused on the Territory.
To internationally promote the sector’s core business segments, boosting the internationalisation success of its SMEs through the development of innovative forward-planning mechanisms, knowledge and access to international markets and through the stimulation of innovative collective initiatives that boost their internationalisation.
This project is part of the PROVERE Programme, namely part of the “Valuation of Alentejo Wildlife Resources” collective efficiency strategy (EEC).

Companies that produce or market products or provide services in the Wildlife Resources sector, based in Alentejo and that wish to internationalise their activity, namely:

  • Beekeeping
  • Mushrooms
  • Cactus pear
  • Medronho
  • Aromatic herbs and medicinal plants
  • Wild game resources
  • Inland water fishing resources
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • NERBE/AEBAL – Baixo Alentejo and Coastal Alentejo Business Association
  • ACIECALM – Commercial, Industrial and Business Association of the Municipality of Almodôvar
  • ADC MOURA – Association for the Development of the Municipality of Moura
  • ARPTA – Regional Agency for the Tourism Promotion of Alentejo
  • Alentejo Tourism – ERT

Non-Executing Entities:

  • Municipality of Almodôvar
  • Mértola Town Hall
  • Digital Catalogue of the Sector’s Companies, Products and Services to support the international promotion of Alentejo wildlife resources
  • Market Guides, to support the internationalisation for the wildlife resources sector for the target market
  • International forward-planning actions to target markets, to identify market opportunities for the sector
  • Reconnaissance visits from international prospectors to Alentejo, to get to know the regional offer, with a tour programme and b2b meetings with sector companies
  • Participation in international fairs, for the international promotion of Alentejo wildlife resources